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Radio Marketing Q&A’s

If you’d like to talk with a radio representative, our Station Manager Lise Fielding would be happy to help! She will ask a few questions and put you in contact with a Marketing Consultant best suited to meet your expectations. Call 780-812-7315 or email


  1. Should I advertise?

If you need to ward off increased competition or generate additional customers or clients, then advertising is a necessity. Because you can’t yell loud enough to let all of The Lakeland why they should do business with you, you need to select an advertising platform (radio, television, print, etc.).

When you advertise, you are buying an audience. We provide a large targeted audience so your advertising dollars are not wasted reaching people who are unlikely to do business with you, while focusing on those who will. 

  1. Is radio right for me?

If people who do business with you listen to radio, then radio is an option to explore…and 96% of us listen to radio every week according to the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Radio can:

  • Expand your market reach
  • Target your best prospects
  • Generate sufficient message frequency
  • Reach mobile consumers
  • Motivate people to shop
  • Establish a relationship with customers
  • Break through competitive clutter
  • Make a lasting impression
  • Maximize advertising investment

If radio were invented today it would be all the marketing rage. Why? Because we live in an on-the-go society, and unlike newspaper or television, radio is with us everywhere; in the car, in the office, and in the house. Radio’s mobility, intrusiveness and target ability makes it a cost-effective marketing platform for nearly any type of business.


  1. How do I get started?

Research our Website to answer your basic questions. Then, Contact Us and we will contact you with a custom marketing proposal based on your business goals and needs and design an appropriate advertising program for your business.


  1. How much does advertising cost?

That depends how much of an impact you want to make and how much competition you have. Finding the budget you’re comfortable with while providing a sufficient return on investment can be developed through a Business Profile Analysis. Take the first step and contact us.


  1. What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?

Quitting before the advertising can work. Advertising is like trying to get in shape. The beginning is the hardest part and the benefits truly begin when you think you’ve given your all. In order to get your desired body shape when working out, you must earn it by sticking to your plan. Successful advertising is no different.

  1. Not filling up one cup before moving to the next. Many business owners think they need to do a little of everything instead of doing one thing well. It’s been said, “I throw my advertising dollars against the wall and hope some of it sticks.” Almost any business can get all the customers they need by simply attacking and owning a radio stations’ audience.


  1. I want to build my business, what do you suggest?

Be honest with your expectations and the investment you’re willing to make. Contact Us, and we will do an in-person Business Profile Analysis. We can then provide you a custom marketing plan that matches your goals and targeted demographics.



  1. What’s the best way to advertise?

Unless you’re having a special event, Branding advertising yields the greatest long-term benefits. Not everyone needs your products or services today, so advertising for a month or two is a gamble. Reminding a large group of consumers who are most likely to do business with you about your unique selling position over and over is most beneficial. When any of our listeners need your product, our goal is to have your business in their top-of-mind recall.



  1. How long does it take for advertising to begin working?

This depends on what you are selling and the offer you’re making. Tell people to visit you for a free $50.00 bill, and you’ll have a traffic jam outside your business. Otherwise advertising is similar to pushing a car… it’s tough at first, but the more you push, the easier it gets. Soon enough you can move the car along with minimum effort. We tell our Branding clients, “In three months you’ll hate me, in six months you’ll talk to me and in twelve months you’ll be inviting me to your house for dinner.” Stick with your plan and you’ll be provided a healthy return on your investment.


  1. What is Branding?

Branding advertising yields the greatest long-term benefits. Not everyone needs your products or services today, so advertising for a month or two or even just six is a gamble. Reminding a large group of consumers, who are most likely to do business with you, about your unique selling position over and over is most beneficial. When any of our listeners need your product, our goal is to position your business in their top of mind recall. The ultimate goal of a branding campaign is to win the hearts and minds of customers before they’re in the market for your product. A successful branding campaign will put your business into the mind of your customer first when she needs what you sell, and be the company they feel best about when that need arises.


  1. Who makes my commercial?

We produce your commercial. Standard Production is free for all our advertisers. Our goal is to always create top quality advertising that gets results for our clients. How?

  • By Listening to the client to find out what their true needs and goals are.
  • Spending the time required to develop the right message to serve the client’s needs.
  • Crafting creative ads that will make an impression in the mind of the listener. Employing the highest quality voice talent and producers to turn words on paper into magic!

Our company is very aware that better tools make a better product. Newcap Radio is outfitted with state-of-the-art production facilities that rival most major market radio stations or agencies. Is this overkill? We don’t think so. Our clients deserve the best that we can give them, and it shows in our product.


  1. What should I say in my commercial?

Ask yourself, “Why should someone do business with me?” Be specific. “What truly makes me a better choice than my competitors?” “What makes us special?” “What is our unique selling position?” Take a look at your strengths versus your competitor’s weaknesses that can result in taking business from them. Our goal is to grow your business by getting you your unfair share of the market’s dollars from your competition. Contact Us and we can get started on crafting your message for our audience.


  1. How much is commercial production?

At Newcap Radio , both writing your ad and producing it are included in the cost of your advertising. We provide standard announcer voice over production for all advertisers. We are proud to offer “premium” creative options for our clients for a small surcharge. We have association with major market production houses capable of agency quality production. Please contact us for more information.


  1. How can I guarantee success?

After ensuring your business is in fine operating order, stick to a well-constructed advertising message month after month. If you deliver the right message consistently, your advertising will yield rewarding results.


  1. I’m a small business with a small budget – can I still advertise effectively?

The minimum recommended spending is $300.00 per month. That would perhaps get you one newspaper ad, but we can strategically pick several days a week over each month that will help you grow to the next level.  Contact us so we can suggest a plan of attack.


  1. I’m a retailer, what’s best for me?

Do you live and die by sales events or do you want more consistency for your business? Sales event advertising can drive customers, but it’s the “cocaine of marketing.” The more sales you have, the more advertising you need. However, if you want a steady, non-fickle customer base, we recommend the safer Branding approach, the key to getting a measurable Return on Investment (ROI) with your advertising dollars.


  1. I’m NOT a retailer, what’s best for me?

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Whether you’re a plumber, lawyer, carpet cleaner or florist, a well-developed campaign that tells your unique and wonderful story will keep you in the consumers mind when the day they need your services arrives.


  1. I’m having an event, how should I advertise?

Heavy. We recommend fifteen to twenty commercials a day for a minimum of three days prior to an event or major sale.


  1. What about other radio stations?

We’re big radio fans because of its target ability. If there’s an audience that we can’t provide you, let us know. We’ll provide any contact information you need.


  1. Should I hire an advertising agency?

If your budget is sufficient to develop a complete multi-media approach with extensive creative, there are some talented advertising agencies to choose from. Our Marketing Consultants and Creative Services team are well trained to develop effective and targeted marketing campaigns customized to your business needs and goals.


  1. What’s a positioning statement?

All major companies use positioning statements. It’s a necessity. You can use your positioning statement in all your advertising (radio, print, TV). Just try to keep it 3-5 words and be sure it hits on your unique selling position.


  1. What is image advertising?

When you advertise image, you’re establishing TOMA (top-of-mind-awareness), and avoiding the “I’ve got to have a sale” syndrome. Establishing your unique selling position(s) with clarity, creativity and consistency is at the heart of image advertising.


  1. How does a buying cycle affect my business?

We all have needs that create buying cycles. As a business owner, you want the consumer to think of you when they need your goods or services. A specific listener may not need a lawyer, dishwasher, plumber, or retirement plan today. But, what about those who need these items next month…or next year? Create your business as a point-of-destination in the mind of the consumer. When they have forgotten about your competitor’s ad minutes after they pass over it in print, you’ll be there to TELL them your story; with consistency, day after day. That’s how you create top-of -mind-awareness and that’s how to fight through a consumers buying cycle.


  1. Should I do an on-location broadcast?

Remotes are great for grabbing attention for a major event or sale. Our radio station provides talent, engineering and great visibility if you think a remote is right for you. In most cases, weekend remotes are booked a month, or more, in advance. So contact us to check on available dates and times.


  1. What is reach and frequency?

An advertising term that calculates how many people you’ll touch with your commercial (reach) and how often they’ll hear that message (frequency). Research shows if you can reach two-thirds of a radio stations audience 3.5 times each in a minimum seven day period; your ad will break through and be heard. Contact us, and we’ll provide you the number of ads needed to achieve exceptional reach and frequency.


  1. How and who do I contact for more advertising information?

Start with our Station manager Kelli Wispinski . She will ask a few questions and put you in contact with a Marketing Consultant best suited to meet your expectations. Call 780 812 2728 or email


  1. What’s a “Custom Business Profile Analysis?”

This is the worksheet used to discover your needs and find out if we can help you achieve your marketing goals. One of our experienced professional Marketing Consultants can meet with you one-on-one for a free, no obligation Business Profile Analysis. Contact Us and we can get started on your specific marketing plan of attack.


  1. What’s a “Custom Marketing Plan?”

This is our marketing recap we provide after you’ve completed a Business Profile analysis. Custom Marketing Plans are free and provide our recommendations on how to best achieve advertising success based exclusively on your goals and needs.


  1. Do I have to sign a contract?

Signing off on your approval to run an advertising campaign is standard procedure. It protects you with a rate and inventory guarantee and provides written permission and consent for us to promote your business.


  1. I tried radio once and it didn’t work, why would it work this time?

Because we go through a very in-depth process including a Business Profile Analysis and a custom marketing plan. This process puts all the odds for success in your favour. Our Marketing Consultants are trained not to be good salespeople, but intelligent marketers. Suggesting a campaign that does not work is as unacceptable to us as it is to you.  Get Started Now!


  1. What is the procedure if I want to meet with one of your Marketing Consultants?

Start with our Station Manager, Kelli Wispinski. She can ask a few questions and put you in contact with one of our experienced Marketing Consultants best suited to meet your expectations. Call her at 780 812 6728 or email


  1. I don’t have a large budget, what do you suggest?

Simply contact us and one of our Marketing Consultants will get back to you right away. We can then suggest if you should buy the occasional special program we offer, a Sponsorship feature or if you can afford to invest in a branding campaign.


  1. Is there a charge for an Marketing Consultant from your

Stations to meet me for a Business Profile analysis?


  1. What is a “Unique Selling proposition”?

These are the primary reasons why you are truly a better choice to the consumer than your competition. The one or two things that you’re most proud of about your business, “your Sword in the Stone” so to speak. Our Advertising and Creative Consultants will work closely with you to help you uncover the story that is uniquely and wonderfully yours … and yours alone.

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